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Basics: What it is, how it works?

So, what does Schedulist do?

Schedulist is a program that generates schedules.

It takes one input file - a simple XML file - and possibly some sort of template. With these, it generates a schedule in desired format.

At the moment, Schedulist is capable of generating HTML tables and lists. Support for other formats, like LaTeX2e, are being planned.

How mature is Schedulist?

Tough question. I would consider Schedulist a release-quality software, because it actuallu generates something the way I want it to create it. Schedulist 1.0 generated a table and list. That was all well and good, and was perfect for my needs.

1.1 has been "in development" for quite a while and it adds some functionality a few people have asked me to add. It also incorporates some new ideas of mine that I found neat and Worth Having.

In short: It Works For Me™. There's a good chance it will work for you, too.

What does the program require?

The program itself was written in Perl. It requires following modules that don't come with Perl itself, all of which can be found from CPAN:

What sort of XML files are used as input?

Here's a simple example of the files that 1.1 takes in. Emphasised parts need to be filled in.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding='ISO-8859-1' standalone="yes"?>

<schedule lang="en">
   <title>Title of the schedule goes here</title>

 <column title="Monday">
  <event time="12-14">
     Some event
  <event time="14-17">
     Another event that takes a looong time

 <column title="Tuesday">
  <event time="14-17">
     Something other that happens another day...

 <!-- ... -->

What license does Schedulist use?

The old version (1.0) was released under this lisence:

Copyright (c) me myself & I, Use however you wish, just keep the copyright message there blah blah...

Careless, huh?

1.1 and later will be released under the Artistic Lisence. However, I might dual-lisence 1.1 final release under GPL.