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History and Authors

Who made this?

The person to blame for this headache is known as Urpo Lankinen, being just another bored university student who uses the random remnants of the creativity for this sort of dangerous things... So far, no others have touched the code. It isn't exactly a wonder. =)


This file is sort of a typical "engineer solution for a management-created problem". I looked at the schedules that my department pestered me with, and was unable to print them because they used absolute width that made them wider than page - this is what happens when you give people Netscape Composer and let them loose.

So why did I do this program? It generates the schedulists in plain ol' HTML without need to excercise table generation skills each time, using tables with CSS formatting that makes them viewable with 640x480 resolution even... but writing program was harder than sending a single, polite E-mail to the people responsible for the unprintable schedules. Ironic, isn't it? Well, I have had a lot more fun, and I hope people will find my creations useful...