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Status & Bugs

See project page to find out how to download different releases and/or how to get stuff from CVS.


Ето некогда не работает!!!

- Uttered by a Russian spy in
"The Illustrated History of the Atom Bomb"

Current Stable (and obsolete) version: 1.0

1.0 (the old release) is out there somewhere. You can get it from the project page. (It's in the downloads section, not in CVS as far as I can remember.)

1.0 had one bug: It didn't specify character set, and the HTML template it used was hard-coded... Thus, HTML spewer sent forth UTF characters and the document thought it was using Latin-1. 1.1 uses correct headers in its default template.

Current development version: 1.1

1.0 works. 1.1 doesn't work fully, but has the ItWorksForMe™ Seal of Approval.

1.0 is fairly interesting because it implemented its gap-finding for HTML tables using its own methods. It was also pretty much unreadable, after several months of inactivity I needed a magnifying glass to make any sense of it. I gave up on being too smart - 1.1 uses CPAN module for this stuff, and has probably much better documentation...

Coming new cool features

Schedulist 1.1 is a Major Rewrite. It includes: